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Espresso Coffee Machine Rental Service


Coffee Wizard Services are proud to offer a selection of preowned machines for rental, these machines are all in first-class condition and are ideal for a business wanting to test the market for coffee without the financial commitment of a new machine or the maintenance costs.

The way this works is very simple we are offering a limited stock of used 1 and 2 group coffee machines to new and established sandwich shops, cafes, bars on an easy rental program. Simply pay a £300 deposit for the machine which is held until the end of your contract period, or until you purchase your own machine. At this point, so long as the machine is still in the same condition, your deposit will be returned in full. You then pay £100 for a month by direct debit for the rental of the unit. You are not required to buy coffee from us, or company we work with, you are free to buy your coffee from where ever you want, however, we do supply some of the best around.

This Coffee Machine Rental package includes free servicing and repairs on your rental machine throughout the duration of your contract. This has been a huge benefit to many of our customers, as they know their exact costs for the machine on a monthly basis, safe in the knowledge that should the machine develop a fault in the future, Coffee Wizard Services will repair it at no cost. 

Coffee Machine Rental by Coffee Wizard Services